Recent Feedback

Recently there was some feedback left by an individual who wasn't happy that I didn't shoot their wedding for them. This feedback was very negative, derogatory and I took it very personally, as did the photographer who shot the wedding. It contained a number of fabrications and outright lies to make the photographer on the day look incompetent and inept. (could not be further from the truth)

I want to set the record straight to avoid this in the future.

  • I run a company who has a number of photographers in the US and Australia who photograph weddings. When I am not available, at my own cost, I employ these professionals to avoid the couple having to find another photographer at a steeper price at the last minute. I would hate to do that to any couple. Professional photographer meaning thats their full time job, not a weekend warrior, who I have reviewed their work and personally fit.
  • If any couple books me for their wedding, I 100% shoot that wedding for them. If they book my company it may be anyone of my team. This is clearly noted in the contract before any payment is made or commitment from the couple and is part of our introduction discussions. It should be one of the first questions a couple asks their photographer "what happens if you are sick on our day"
  • My website has a "meet the team" page which clearly shows I'm not on my own and am very upfront about that.
  • In all the years this has been the case I have never received a complaint and everyone has been delighted with the photographer provided and their images.
  • Having this team structure in place should give couples an additional assurance they wont be let down by us on the day, thats why I did it this way, to provide comfort.
  • My team always works very hard on every event and we pride ourselves on the outcome. We will continue to work with you until you are 100% happy with the results from your day.

Taking the feedback to heart makes me wonder what we did wrong, or what can we do better. Haters will always Hate, I can only grow with knowledge and feedback. How can we provide assurances to our couples and not have them upset as this couple clearly was.

I wish there was a good answer to this as I will always strive to provide my couples the very best wedding photography for their money. I wont let couples down leading up to their big day and will continue to ensure they are fully aware of whats happening.

I'm happy to address anyones concerns around this both past or future to help avoid the haters.